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My name is LeAnn Gourley, my daughter Amy nominated me for the She Knew Project contest and I was graciously picked as the winner. I have been asked to share my wonderful day with the Surprise Gifts Co girls, Lisa and Shannon. I, of course, did not know Lisa and Shannon before my pamper day, but I was so pleased with how our day went. My two daughters wanted to be part of my pamper day, so we all went to Broken Arrow and met Lisa and Shannon at a coffee shop.  We sat and visited for a bit, getting to know each other, and from there we went to the first little boutique (in the Rose District). They informed me that they wanted to buy me a whole outfit, I was floored, no one has every treated me to anything like this before. We found a pair of jeans that I really liked, and they all agreed they looked good on me.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find a blouse there, but I knew there were other stores we could go to. Next, they took me to a makeup artist for full application of makeup. Talk about fun, and feeling pretty. After that, we went out to lunch. Since we all loved Mexican food, that’s where we went.
Throughout the morning, I never once felt uncomfortable! These two wonderful ladies just made everything so easy, and they truly made us feel like we were life-long friends.
After a long lunch, and lots of visiting, we did more shopping.  I was able to find my blouse and even some jewelry to match my outfit at the last two stores we went to. They completely treated me to this great pamper day! I feel like we have found new friends in each other. The following day we joined them once again, at Faith Church in Tulsa. Lisa spoke about the She Knew Project, our day together, and about me and why I won. I could not of been more blessed spending these special two days with Lisa and Shannon.  How wonderful that these two ladies take so much of their own time to treat women like a queen for a day! They are amazing and give so much to others. Thank you ladies for the day, the outfit, the lunch and the friendship!

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